Seals the Dark Hope JD way.

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Seals the Dark Hope JD way.

Post by Theophany on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:12 pm

SO go to Southern Border find this npc. talk to it to use your hope orbs to get your seals done.

*** if you have started your seals you can continue to the next level from here as well***

you start off with lvl 3 seals.
Lv3-30 hope orbs
Lv4-55 hope orbs
lv5-70 hope orbs
lv6-100 hope orbs
lvl7-140 hope orbs
lvl8-200 hope orbs.
in total  595 hope orbs
*4 parts of gear 
*5  elements
11,900 hope orbs for lvl 8 seals

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