Esper Fusion Manuals and Esper Ascension Orbs

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Esper Fusion Manuals and Esper Ascension Orbs

Post by Crimson on Mon May 25, 2015 9:23 pm

Just a suggestion but, i think you guys should consider making Esper Fusion Manuals and Orbs alot easier to get, because something so basic has been made so difficult. I killed a boss and got enough orison frags for 1 MANUAL, ive been on servers where ive had to use up to 50 manuals to get what i need, the bosses dont spawn on the regular. We already grinding to get geared up, i dont mind that but manuals and orbs should not be so hard to come by considering we may need up to 40+, thats 40 bosses lol.


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