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Post by Roxy on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:34 am


Weapon - Anti - Damage Reduction Talisman (Perfect Shield-Ruined Talisman) 

Boots - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)

Helm - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)

Body - Skill Accuracy (Thunderblade Charm)

                                                                    Tome- Critshield Talisman (Perfect Dragon-Scale Talisman)

Accessory - Critbonus Talisman  (Perfect Phoenix-Plume Talisman)

The reason why I have suggested the Perfect Shield-Ruined Talisman for the weapon is because it will allow your Nanwu Fire to hit much more as it will ignore 8% of the enemies Damage Reduction.

The reason why I have suggested the Thunderblade Charm for the Boots, Helm and Body is because the more Skill Accuracy you have the longer you can use 'Chained Soul' and this will be very useful against Balo's because you will be able to Drag them to the heart of the 'Fire Slay' and hold them there for much longer so the fire can devour them.

The reason why I have suggested Perfect Dragon-Scale Talisman for the Tome is because well let's face it Incense Mage's do not have much Defense, and having more Critnull is useless especially against Rayan's and Lupins. The more Critshield will allow you to be able to get hit less when the opponent hit's a critstrike on you.

The reason why I have suggested Perfect Phoenix-Plume Talisman for Accessory is simple really, more Critstrike Bonus will allow your Critstikes to be much more deadly, Nanwu Fire already gives extra chances of Critstrike per strike. 


ATK stone ;

Anti DMG Redu 

- Skill Accuracy

 - Skill Accuracy

 - Critstrike Bonus

 - Critstrike Bonus

Deff stone is same then all time:

2x shield 

2x DMG Redu

Charms: ( it isnt all charms)

Drawn - With the tomes completely maxed it will allow you to switch forms from Human to Fire with no cooldown which can be very useful.

Chaos - This charm is useful as it will increase the duration of Nirvana to 16 - 18 seconds (I believe)

Blazing - This charm will increase the the damage the Nanwu Fire deals.

Challenger - This Charm will increase the ferocity of Fire Slay and it will deal more damage this is very useful in both PvP and PvE and it will deal more damage to the mob or your opponent. 

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