Dagos Lupin pvp build ( my own option)

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Dagos Lupin pvp build ( my own option) Empty Dagos Lupin pvp build ( my own option)

Post by Roxy on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:42 am

=according to JDpedia=

High damage and critical strike rate 
High Health 
Excellent in single-target PvP 
Many attacks cause status effects 
Many skills that grant powerful short-term buffs to the caster 

Low Defense 
Long Cooldowns 
Weak in group PvP 
No ranged attacks 
Few multi-target attacks

The main skills you have to tome are:,Thicken Blood,,Positive Reinforcement(since regen it will give u all effect from otehr 2 dmg buffs),
Deep Water.

the multi charm from 2 charms (Name are "Wishful Thinking"&"Fruition")
And the rest is u choce , i just was use  the multi charm & Prudence.
And it was still working . (Sound of Nature dont will reset the raja any more)


Thicken Blood - This is a Lupin's most reliable source of HP, rarely will there be a PvP situation where this skill wouldn't be recommended, always have it on before a fight.

Haste - Speed is one of the remarkable qualities of a Lupin, this skill paired with Deep Water is a great tool for going in and out of combat as well as chasing or running from opponents.

Determination - During pre-ascension, Lupins have plenty of skills that will get exponentially better with more attack power, this skill will give you an edge and aid in killing people with one hit. Paired with Deep Water it can be on almost all the time.

Positive Reinforcement - Also refreshed by Deep Water, this skill is one of the skills that really makes Lupins stand out by increasing their next attack by A LOT, specially when tomed. Paired with Determination and a strong attack, it makes one-shots a breeze.

Deep Water - Casting this skill resets ALL of the PvP buffs if you have the charm. It is absolutely one of the best skills a Lupin has. When tomed it also grants a short sleep immunity. When tomed, it is an effective way to "reduce the cooldown" of all the PvP buffs to around 50 seconds. 

Seductive Brush - This skill is purely based off of your attack power, so it scales really well into higher levels, it is also focused on a single hit as opposed to frozen memories which hits 4 times in 2 seconds, and for that reason is great paired with Positive Reinforcement and Determination. During pre-ascension it is a Lupins best skill to one shot with.

Frozen Memories - Lupin's final chance skill. Really long spirit drain, chance of silencing and a smaller chance to slow. This is isn't really good for one-shotting but is really nice for dealing damage otherwise. 

Ascension (Dagos):

Ancient Prayer - This is THE skill when it comes to health, it takes Lupin's health beyond any other classes. Paired with Deep Water, it can be used very often. It can cause River Dweller II and Memory Standstill to deal massive amounts of damage.

River Dweller II - Arguably it is potentially the strongest damage dealing skill in the game, very good to be used with Ancient Prayer and Positive Reinforcement. Note that this skill is very hard to use on moving targets.

Full of Love - Similar to Determination, it increases attack power, but this one is percentage base, which scales better into ascension.

Situational Skills:

Forgotten Dream - Very useful for removing buffs and deals decent amount of damage along with a very good SP drain.

Day of Remembrance (Dagos) - If you're a dagos Lupin you probably know how hard it is to land RDII on moving targets. DoR makes it really easy. 

Eternal Recurrence (Dagos) - Once you're through ascension, skill evasion becomes a problem for Lupins. This skill is a curse, meaning it won't miss unless the person has invulnerability on, and it is also ranged. This is perfect for fighting people you would usually miss a lot on.

Constant Worry (Asc) - Complete spirit drain twice in Area of Effect. This skill has many uses, but I prefer to use it as a weapon against Nimble spirit (Modo's shield) or when jumping into a group of enemies.

Memory Standstill (Asc) - This skill is amazing. It has extremely good synergy with Lupin's really high max HP and Blessing of Spring. Specially if you're ascended from Lupin, this skill is a sure kill if used properly.

Important Non-Faction Buffs:

Helping Hand (Jadeon) - Lupin's Thicken Blood takes 50% of our spirit and adds it to health. Helping Hand increases spirit by a lot, hence effectively increasing a Lupin's max health.

Teamwork (Clan Skill) - Similar to Helping Hand, this skill increases spirit, therefore also health.

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