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Some Overall Suggestions Empty Some Overall Suggestions

Post by Scruff on Mon May 25, 2015 7:16 pm

Well lets start then.

First of all, Online Rewards.
Why not make it give rewards that can be usefull like vouchers for MTH, CP, ET maybe even Hope Orbs or other rare items.
At the moment I'm not even gona click on that "Accquire" button because the only thing I will get is useless items that will just take up bag space.
First reward: 100 Hope Orbs, MTH voucher
1 Hour: 250 Hope Orb, CP Voucher, 10k Gold and Expedition packx2
2 Hours: 500 Hope Orbs, ET Voucher, 10k Gold and Expedition packx3
etc etc
Only way to get Expedition pack is by being online, while you can get Sage's Compass in the jaden shop

Same goes for Exploration.
Its also useless at the moment, so why not make it usefull too?
So why not add Hope orbs, Sigils and other rare items into that too that can help reduce the grind to gear up.
Lets say "Kunlun" Exploration area at area lvl 5 gives
250 Hope Orbs
HP/SP Potions
+11 sigil
+12 Sigil
+13 Sigil Fragment (and you need like 10 of them to trade into one +13 sigil with maybe 50% chance like the +12 sigil)
Rewards similar to this on all areas would definitely make me use Exploration

And Don't forget the lovely Fealty.
Same goes for that. Why not add new and better rewards into that too?
Frist pack, 5k Gold Hope Orbs
2nd pack: 5k gold, Hope Orbs and maybe some bonus jadens
3rd pack: 10k gold, Hope Orbs and maybe more bonus jadens
etc etc

We also got the lovely Bonus jaden shop
it could be used in so many ways by just adding bonus jaden coupons into online rewards or Fealty.
And then add items in it that can only be obtained that way

And also we got the lovely charms no one wana craft because its a pain...
So why not just replace all the recipes with the actual charm instead, And make it cost Hope Orbs or some thing similar.

Last but not least, The quest "online reward" that give kirin sigil, it will become useless quite fast so why not just replace it with Hope Orbs instead

just a few things that could be changed for the better, The rewards I said is just an example so yeah thats all I got for now

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