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Post by CuppyCake on Thu May 29, 2014 7:54 am

This is a guide about Celan Dagos/Felkin/Fuwa.

1. Introduction to Celan.

Dagos Celan is a gentle and helpful creature, it is a support faction but don't get fooled by that Celan's can be a deadly support.

Dagos Celan is Neutral, there is balance between Good and Evil in them. They support and kill making them one of the best allies in the battlegrounds.

Felkin Celan is Evil, they love to drain all you spirit which leaves you weak and easy target to kill.

Fuwa Celan is Good, they believe supporting is the way of living, although they are supports they can be more deadly than Dagos Celan.

Firstly I am going to talk about gears and accessories.

2. Gears

Dagos Celan- BG (battleground) gears (I recommend the most) or STJ (skytouch jade) because I know not everyone can afford BG.

Felkin Celan- CHU (Chu Chan) gears.

Fuwa Celan- BG (battleground) gears or STJ (skytouch jade) or CHU (Chu Chan).

For Seals I recommend: (these work good with all affinities but I will add few combos depending on what you need more)

For any head I recommend: ★ Seals due to giving you critshield which is really needed for us because we are really squishy.
For any armor I recommend: ★ Seals because they give you skill eva BUT if you need skill acc more than go for ☆ seals.
For any boots I recommend: ★ Seals because it gives you critnull which again due to being squishy we have more chance of surviving.
For any weapon I recommend: ★ Seals because it gives extra defense, and please don't tell me attack dmg is better because you gonna die like a balloon.

3. Accessories

For Dagos Celan I would recommend Skill Eva or Skill Acc rings depending on which you need more in the battlegrounds.

Felkin Celan I would go more for Skill Eva than Skill Acc due to more survivability.

Fuwa Celan I recommend Skill Eva or Res rings.

These below apply to all affinities
Esper/s I recommend Sinister Orb lvl2 or lvl3 skill or Soulscepter lvl2 or lvl3 and Ruby Pogoda which is a must for extra reflect.
For Chi I would go for ★Chi of Nirvana(★★★)
Essence I would go for ★Pisces Essence(★★★)
Trinket I would go for Freewande Trinket★(★★) if you can get it better
Charms: Strings of Moon
Solemn Composition
Memorable Ditty

4. Builds

These are each build for LvL 160 Celan without chroma.

I had added chroma points in this build due to max LvL being 150 these chroma points are going to work like a 150-160 points.

This is a simple Dagos Celanbuild before resetting.

Felkin Celan build before resetting.

Fuwa Celan build before resetting.

These builds don't differ very much only few skills changed.

At the end when you finished with your affinity skills you can change into this build which is good for all affinities.

This build is for PvP but also can be used in PvE due to not having any difference in my eyes.

5. Skill notes

Skill notes for some skills not all due to not using few of these skills.

Blow: Tercet of Bamboo (no need notes)
Blow: Twilight Orchestra (no need notes)
Blow: Mountain's Regret (no need notes)
Blow: Journey Beginning (need notes)
Blow: Petals Drop (need notes)
Blow: Twilight Orchestra ll (need notes)
Blow: Tercet of Bamboo ll (need notes)
Blow: Journey Beginning (need notes)
Blow: Petals Drop (need notes)

Journey Beginning (Tier 5) notes.
The Way of Celan Q13e

Blow: Petals Drop (Tier 5) notes.
The Way of Celan Xxa4

Blow: Twilight Orchestra ll notes.
The Way of Celan Ru26

Blow: Tercet of Bamboo ll notes.
The Way of Celan G8vb

Blow: Journey Beginning
The Way of Celan 6s8a

Blow: Petals Drop
The Way of Celan Q10a

These notes are for all 3 affinities.

6. Techniques

Few simple killing techniques for kill with a bit or surviving.

1) Use MiM (Moon in the Mirror) this is your reflect it helps you to survive also because it's a reflect this is good vs players using debuffs and using skills such as voida's t5 aoe which will make him kill himself even if he have/had the shield on. Also use Ruby Pogoda to get extra reflect (Ruby make MiM's cd 0sec).
2) Dagos Celan use Sounblade Crimson ll with Soundblade Storm ll, this combo will bleed your target to death and they get silence so they cant remove it.
3) Felkin Celan use all your SP drains and SBE then (Soundblade Emperor).
4) Fuwa Celan use your silence or paralyze arrays to help your allies in killing them. Also use SP drain this actually applies to every Celan.

One or two advance techniques.

1) As Dagos Celan a more advance technique of killing is combining Dagos and Felkin, as what I mean is SP drain your enemy, silence them, bleed them and of course use SBE (Soundblade Emperor). The bleed might kill before you use SBE or SBE kills before bleed finish but with this technique you got like 99% of killing, this works really well on Lupin's and Vim's.
2) This technique goes to every Celan, you might say well this is basic etc. It is basic and it's not basic you have to have your timing right because they might batt or pot out of this: Get a G18 pet (any) with Nestun star then level it to 150 or more if you want. Now keep your pet always 'Fused' it gives you more RES and other helpful things, when ever you come across a Balo or even a good Lupin or any other faction where normal sp drain is not working on them, unfuse your pet let the pet use the 99% instant SP drain on the enemy and when ever you think that the pet will use it you use your SBE (Sounblade Emperor) this will make the enemy lose 99% of their spirit and a high chance for you killing even if you are Fuwa Celan.

Just a small extra about soulstone/s

I would recommend making 2 soulstones, where 1 is like your main:
Dagos Celan- 2 or 3x Health and Skill acc or Skill eva.
Felkin Celan- 2 or 3x Spirit and Skill acc or Skill eva.
Fuwa Celan- Now here is a problem depending which way you are going Fuwa Support or Fuwa Killer.
For Fuwa Support I would recommend - CritShield, CritNull, Skill eva (if you get 2 critshields and skill eva or 1 critnull its really GOOD)
Killer I would recommend - 2 or 3x Spirit with Skill eva or Skill acc.

For second soulstone I would recommend going for 2x silence RES or 2x paralyze RES, now this depends on if you are going for your silence array or for your paralyze array, IF! for some reason you get the stats above ↖ and 1 silence or 1 paralyze RES or even 2 of each or both you DON'T need 2nd soulstone then.

Thank you for reading and looking for help with build.

Hope it helped many Celan's deciding.

!All this information I got on my own through playing all 3 Celan's on different (Private Servers) this gave me a lot of knowledge about Celan's, but I am not saying that I am the best Celan ever!

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