Welcome to Dark Hope JD "READ THIS FOR RULES!!"

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Welcome to Dark Hope JD "READ THIS FOR RULES!!" Empty Welcome to Dark Hope JD "READ THIS FOR RULES!!"

Post by Theophany on Sat May 24, 2014 12:51 pm

I am Tiffany your friendly neighbourhood stalker Head GM, most people know me as Theo.
I'm here to talk about some of the "RULES" of our server so here goes.

1. Do not disrespect staff and players, just because you cannot see us does not mean we aren't watching. If you are found doing so you will get a mute.
2. We have a max refine of +14 if you go over this you will be BANNED get it got it GOOD!!
3. World chat is to be in English as time goes and we get some multilingual staff we will post what they speak to direct the players.
4. There will be only 2 accounts per IP allowed.
5. Do not ask the GMs for any items, we will not swap prizes from events for other items in game.
6. If you win an event you must collect your prize after the event there will be no coming back 3 hours later for a prize.
* if you must must leave after an event pls let us know and we will take care of your prize via mail*
7. No PK during tier quests, if you have been taken out while doing the tiers 
( and i know for a fact some have to be done on pvp) 
pls take a screenshot and send it either in a msg on here or email to moonshadow_2707@yahoo.ca

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