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Post by izanami on Mon May 25, 2015 8:54 pm

Hi, everyone.

I'm here to throw in some ideas for next updates, and to add more into the grind shop/Jaden shop

  1. More fashions, and even to jaden shop on this one. Customized fashions have been popular on every private server.
  2. Map fragments to the skyblade "Skyfall" These can be expensive or something, depends on admins.
  3. Soul Inverters. I know these are in the Jaden shop, but it's quite annoying sometimes to wait 4 hours when you need more to get 400k synergy.
  4. Soulorb of Beasts/Antiquity Tome. These can be extremely expensive in either shop. Lottos are a pain and copper coins arent just enough. And Jade Boxes have a bad percentage of getting a twilight jade. But mounts and skyblades are things that dont effect pvp that much. Well.. Skyblade does with the king of mediums thing.
  5. Rosarch Mirage. Those shadow wings. I've been on a server that changed it into an extremely fast mount. At 11.0 speed max. These can be an awesome prize in the Dark Hope Bounty

Also for the fashion ones can you try and add in more body-suit type of clothing or something close to it >3>

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