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Post by pinky79 on Mon May 26, 2014 2:11 pm

Skysong isnt the easiest faction to PvP with, altho its very powerful
To be a skysong that is good in team you need to know timings, when to buff others, when you click which skill to survive the damage you'll geting, as skysong is feared coz of the sleep aoe. 

Chroma "tier 8"
That means my build is with 8 more skills points and 8 more tome points.
Chroma is easy, just max all u can afford, Fawin, resistances to other affinitys, vigor regan first.

The build is very important : http://tinyurl.com/nwywkzz

Anyway, if you go Pvp as a fuwa skysong you are ment to be "defencive/supportive" skysong, atleast most of the time...depends on your gear, 
Muscle Control II gives you huge skill evasion increase for 15 seconds, in that time you have plenty of time to run into crowd and sleep them.
Also one of the Main skill is Fawin Wisdom to protect you from geting killed straight away, use it for 6 sec immortality and heals you for over 20 second of period huge ammount.
And if you do build linked up there, u can reset it(Many starters dont know that) it is good add so you can try reset fawin and then survive even more.
One of the best in Endgame Ascended skysong is if you ascended yourself Skysong-Skysong.
Beyond Heaven(ascended skill that comes with ascension) CAN also reset fawin, + 100% to all resistance+ huge def increase, that reseting option can save once again your life, (other factions like vim-skysong do not have that option)

Your main skill is IT/Fawin. If you have your enemy in sleep DO NOT let him out until you are 100% sure he dies

For Buffs you need before you enter war are Four element buffs, that gives you resistance increase and attack power increase, also the 5 healing skills, they give you alot of HP for 15 minutes, Also Bodhi's Protector II from affinity (if on cooldown, use normal one) , Karmic Cycle is must to use, maybe wont save you, but other may die also, For example if you just cliced Fawin and you are immune to any hits and stuff, and a Jadeon comes to Obscura, you rebound the damage and he dies, you survive, happend many times, very nice thing, dont forget it.
Infinite Mercy also gives you HP, that is good add also.

If you go into war zone, remember to use Charity's Salvation II from affinity, it increases your Critshield by 150%, and can save you once again.
Muscle Control II will be your one most affinity skills you use, not so long cooldown, awsome skill evasion increase and awsome speed buff for long time (you can catch ardens/modos)

As a Fuwa affinity, there are some very very nice skills you can use during war, 
for example Moshu Disaster is very funny skills to use on some1 who just wont die =)
So if you having problem killing someone, use that if you can.

It is very hard to say what moves or skills you should do against some other faction, it depends on the player whos against you, what kind of stuff he has, what he likes to do...etc

Endless Woe - Decreases Immeasurable Truth cooldown + some AP
Rooted Sequence - Gives you alot defence if your hp is lower and bsaicly gives you "sleep immune" very good to use against other skysongs.
Song Of Light- gives Fawin Wisdom 2 more seconds of immortality (be fast by clicking that, after that you want to use endless woe)
Spirit Matter - Use this charm when you buff your 4 elemental skills, gives you more resistances+ AP
Higher Conscioussnes - If you can have that,u get more AP to AoE. but i suggest Endless Woe
Bodhis Thunder - Also helpful to get more health using healing skills

Those 2 last ones you get from Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon and they cost Bullions and Arcane coins.

Rooted Sequence is good skills against other skysongs as i said and is good in overall also, you gain huge Defence by using it (the lower HP, the more defence you gain)
you can also us it if there is someone who can 1 hit you or just hit you hard that you might die, so if you use that, you get alot Defence and he cant kill you and you have a change to sleep him.

Me Personally, i use Rooted for Sleep immune against other skysongs mostly, as if you are in sleep, you are no help to your team and you die.
If there are no skysongs against you, feel free to time it correct to survive more.
Rooted Sequence is also good for chroma IT - Beyond heaven+Rooted Sequence+chroma IT, your enemy sleep 100% (with normal IT the sleeping power is lowered due the higher chroma lvl)

Your tactics are 2 of a kind, Res/heal/support, or a front line killer.
Supporter stays not so centre of crowd, runs in with defensive skills on and sleep, and then take back a bit not to die, and comes back to sleep enemys again if needed, try reset fawin, and go again with same style, to survive most, if needed use 10,000 Things(Tier5) to heal your team mates in party 18.000 health instantly, is very helpful, With Chroma, there are another 10.000 Things, that is even better to use if you have that higher than 1.
Front line fighter needs very very good timings to survive and kill, for Skysong killing is a problem if you do not have high OP gear  but sleep works most of the time if you do not "miss".

Vim for example is very hard to kill for skysong, main thing u have to do is to get him/her to sleep, use combo if available=IT(sleeped)-Monastic Garden(Reduce HP)-Fuwa Rage(awsome bleed @ lvl 20)-IT+SE, again you can use that combo if the situation allowes you to do so, but this should work even with 100k HP vim.

Main things u still do is Fawin/MC II/Critshield buff and if you have Soul Mirror, gives you and your teammates +200 to all RES, very helpful, and if you have sleep resistance over 500, you can use soul mirror as a sleep immune, very handy.

There i come to skill accuracy, most Fuwas go to skill evasion, i dont see point of that, you cant be supportive/killer skysong if you cant hit others, you survive long, but you will give them free hand to hit you if you "miss" them with Immeasurable Truth.

As you might already know, Immeasurable Truth drains enemys Spirit every time it hits(with correct tomes), that is very nice add and thatswhy you must always try not to "miss" enemy, the less SP , lower change to kill you or your team.

Your power is Sleep, the more u sleep, the better for your team, try your best to survive and be helpful.

If you are in a situation in 1Vs1, lets take like..Rayan or Jadeon, you sleep them until theyr protectiv buffs/skills are gone...you get max HP/SP you can and make sure they are both full...good combo is Monastic Garden+SE+IT that should be enough that enemy is dead, or if not, again sleeped with Low HP, you can use SoB after that if you wish but make sure you can kill him with that, 
if your enemy protects while u hit him with SoB, you will be in danger.

Using SE has many other ways, one of them is like, there is loads of crowd ,killing ur ppl, you MC II(Skill eva) hop in, Sleep them with IT, Fawin, and SE, should be good damage and helpful for all players in your team.

Mostly using SE you need to be aware that your SP/HP are geting lowered, so you must be fast with fawin before SE or just after SE to survive the damage you might be geting.

Most important is to go and try, not to give up, timings are very important for you to survive as a skysong, you can have good gears and affinity and thing, but if you cant time your skills, there is no help of those.
Keep trying, try different tactics you see best for you and you will be awsome/wanted in wars/team.

Next thing you want to get is chroma, my chroma is "tier 8" so this will give you more skills/tome points, keep going with chroma also, you need the points.
Chroma has Fawin II, 10.000 Things II and SoB II and many other useful skills, they are very handy, keep going=)

Many skysong like to use Eclipse often, i personally dont use it tho i have it lvl 2, if you can sleep ur enemy, why you need to reduce hes/hers critical strike?

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