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New Ideas for the Server Empty New Ideas for the Server

Post by Frosty on Thu Mar 19, 2015 7:21 am

Okay from the looks of things no one is really doing anything but in a grind all day and all night. Also worried about gears and getting +14 just to think they are good in pvp but are still to scared to pvp at all. Since the only way you are getting these people to pvp is in ffa event because golden gems is the only best way to get +14 gear i thought why not make some suggestions that will be ignored and not even used. So here they are!

1. Put +12 sigils in the grind shop. This isn't hurting anything in the game at all it's bad enough people are already grinding so at lease give them something to grind for. You can easily make that a 1k orbs item this isn't making the game to easy but it will have people have better gears to grind with.

2. Add the Fine seal orbs and the Common seal orbs packs for at least 500 orbs each. Since the game is around grinding at the moment this wouldn't hurt at all or you can add them into the marketplace for 60 jaden for 1 pack. Again this game is base on pvp.

3. Change the MTH and CP gold. I mean really who are you kidding with 20k gold when the gold to get the gear cost more then one run of MTH. You barely even have anyone online as it is so it's a pain in the ass if you are new and can't solo the instance or if you are a melee class that is single target only. Either change the gold or change the gold bricks prices this will have the newer people stay and want to get geared to pvp.

4. My final suggestion add the Identity Crisis item, add some more packs with sunny jades or add sunny jades themselves. Also add the Shura Overlord title to the grind shop for 5k orbs.

Thats all really because since this is grind grind grind what else could hurt if you grind more. Other then the lack of pvp that some of the people that has +13 and +14 wants to have while everyone else feels like they are under geared and scared. They can be decently geared and show you how scared they really are. Still i know none of these will be pick let alone looked at since no one really comes on the forums as much. Still just giving some ideas.


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New Ideas for the Server Empty Re: New Ideas for the Server

Post by Theophany on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:26 pm

1-3 were added, 4 - identity crisis atm no, if it is fixed in next update we may consider.

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