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New Ideas check it out Empty New Ideas check it out

Post by Frosty on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:56 am

Alright as it says these are some new ideas that may make the server a little more alive then sleep/dead/zombies all the time.

1. Right off the bat i am hitting it in the face. MTH and CP. They are both fun to do but MTH is treated more because you can stack up the vouchers and use them all in one go but then what about CP? My idea for CP is to change the bank notes in it to x5 dark gems or something interesting which makes it fun because it will get people to do CP more. Then change MTH bank notes to x8 since people need gold to buy the gear unless you want to change the price on those gold bricks.

2. Add the shura overlord title to the grind shop

3. Add more mounts to the marketplace. I mean really the ones in the marketplace now stinks.

4. Make ET useful by adding maybe a +12 sigil as a reward or something when you complete it so then people won't be just selling the vouchers of it. Which also gives them something else to do.

5. add the welkin green jade and twilight jade to the market place or you can add the jade box to the grind shop. so people won't have to struggle figuring out how to get what they need.

6. Maybe we can take those Etherborn Feather and have them be traded in for hope orbs also through the grind shop. To get people who are grinding while they level a good way to get some hope orbs. maybe like 100 etherborn feathers for 30 hope orbs.


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