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Post by Frosty on Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:40 pm

Okay my first suggestions was a little crappy but these ones are a little bit better well some of them. So here we go!!.

1. This is a main one. Add the semi sigils in the grind shop for the players who grind. We all know we can get +11 with the kirin sigil + sjades spam but when it comes down to the max refine being +14 it's harder to get. Most ppl who have +14 has to bug the gm's to do events over and over and over again and i know that has to be getting to them. So here is how i see it add the +12 semi sigil, and a +13 semi sigil make its chance about 10%. Then the gm's will be bug less to do events. We don't want the gm's to be stress out when they have real life things already doing that as it is. Also make the +12 semi sigil 4000 hope orbs and the +13 semi one 6000 hope orbs

2. This next one is with the fatecharms. I know some ppl are fine with the way they are but me i just feel they could be changed a little bit. We have two fatecharm packs in the grind shop for the same price for some reason. Maybe we can just take one away and then change another one so instead of getting the fatecharm fragments we can just open one and get a random fatecharm instead. I mean a random eternal fatecharm and if not that then change the fatecharm fragments so that when you combine them into a fatecharm that you don't have to wait a day to do it again. Just change the hope orb price on the fatecharm fragments to 500 hope orbs then.

3. Add the Psychea and Kytos special suits if you can the ones with the skill on it. That would be a nice thing to see if you can make that happen.

4. As we a know things get a little boring being on the same map to pvp. So how about a special map for pvp events so then no GoF sacks, no running into mobs, just a area where you pvp each other. Also can we set some limits also in the pvp because i don't think it's a even fight if ppl that just can use their chroma t5 skills, affinity skills and ascension skills makes it fair for the Psychea class that is bug that can't get to use theirs. I am not mad and kill fine but after a while you just want to have fun also and with everyone getting to do all of that it just makes you think about your skills as a Psychea.

5. A new event a mount race. So i thought why not a new event for mounts ppl get golden gems but they race on their mounts. From one point of a map to another point. The winner gets 6 gems, second gets 4 and everyone else gets 3. Also this will have a gm following their movements also so no one is cheating and making sure a Vim isn't using their speed buffs.


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Post by Theophany on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:28 pm

added sigils, added lottos for eternal fatecharms to jaden market, added an event map,

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